Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics: Curing Lives

It is a very common saying that “we are only human”. What do we mean by that? We are prone to all kinds of moral misdoings, misgivings, physical injuries, diseases, accidents and life-long sorrow. There is a company working hard to uplift the physical condition of an individual, helping them after a difficult phase due to injuries, diseases or accidents and directing them to an exercise-driven healthy life.

Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics focuses on using exercise to deal with injuries, diseases and problems arising from ACL repair, Labrum repair, ankle replacement, diabetes, Cardio Vascular diseases, Hypertension, Parkinson’s diseases, strokes and physical impairment.

Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics provide their clients with numerous services like:

  1. Client assessment: They take reports, details and assess the history of the client’s injury or disease to provide precise services to them.
  2. 30 or 60 minutes rehab session: After the assessment, specific sessions are provided to the client. The exercises may vary from person to person.
  3. Running Biomechanics: The result obtained from the non-running FMS test is further used in the running part with video analysis and a RAST test to gather information about the clients’ anaerobic condition.
  4. Functional Movement Screen (FMS) assessment: Many athletes suffer from hidden injuries and impairments. This screening test determines if the athlete is ready to return to the sports arena.
  5. Strength and conditioning programs: Test protocols are designed as per the data from the assessment phase, to provide individualised and periodically reviewed strength training to the clients.
  6. Injury Rehabilitation: Up-to-date and latest techniques are employed at Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics to cure the client’s injuries.
  7. Cricket conditioning: Resistance training for tenure of 6 weeks is provided to cricketers to improve their stability, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance.
  8. 45 minutes sports massage: Through PNF stretching and foam roller work they focus on relieving muscle tensions and improving range of motion.
  9. Recovery session: After a long week, all we are left with is fatigue. This 45 to 60 minutes long class relieves the tired body by using foam rolling, static stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching and various cardio vascular exercises.

To know more about the company or its services, visit their website:

About the company:
Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics is a South African rehabilitation centre using exercise and physiotherapy as their treatment process. Their treatment focuses on an array of injuries and diseases like reconstructive/corrective surgeries, lifestyle diseases, neurological diseases and help physically impaired clients as well as healthy clients to improve everyday living and sports performance.

23 Bell Cres, Westlake Business Park
7945, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 072 600 8218

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