GetSavvi Health: A Friend Indeed

Accidents, injuries, ailments or deterioration of health, none of these can be foreseen. Every family knows how it feels when an emergency arises regarding health issues. But sometimes the expenses become hefty and burden us with lifetime loans from the bank for these cases. Health insurance company, GetSavvi Health has made it their purpose to provide quality services at an affordable rate to the citizens of South Africa.

GetSavvi Health has sectioned their services into three types of plans. They are as follows:

  • Primary Care Plan: This plan provides several services including unlimited doctors’ visits, basic and emergency dentistry, black-and-white X-rays, HIV and STI tests and acute and chronic medications. They provide professional and experienced advisors regarding medical advice in an emergency, assessing everyday symptoms, crucial medical knowledge, the database of various drugs, poisoning database, health guidance, managing stress, counselling of trauma, etc. The NetCare 911 Emergency services are available 24/7 where skilled technicians assess the clients’ emergency and dispatch air or road support immediately, whichever is appropriate. They also support families with funeral costs and the customer hotline is always ready for assisting HIV, trauma and assault counselling.
  • Primary Care Plan+ :This plan includes benefits like unlimited physician visits and consultations, basic and emergency dentistry, x-rays, blood tests, chronic and acute medication and many more services already included in the Primary Care Plan. The plus benefit added to this plan is the Hospital plan. The casualty benefit here allows out-patient hospital treatment in an emergency for injuries sustained in accident. In-patients get hospital treatment in an emergency for stabilisation in a private or public emergency unit. They also provide personal accident benefits.

Get Care Plan: This plan can be seen as the summation of both the Primary Care and Primary care plus aiming to serve the clients with better hospital facilities and lowered costs.

To know more about the company and its services, please visit:

 About the Company
GetSavvi Health is a leading South Africa based health insurance provider aiming, with various propitious plans, to reduce the burden incurred from medical expenses on an average South African or the state institutions and create an affordable and efficient medical environment.

27 Willie van Schoor Ave, Tygervalley,
Bellville, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Tel: 0861 18 9202

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