SANCA WESTERN CAPE: Leading Service Provider in the Field of Abuse Prevention & Treatment

SANCA WESTERN CAPE is the leading service provider in the field of abuse, prevention and treatment. They are well-known for providing specialised services like abuse prevention, out-patient treatment, capacity building and training and related corporate services by a multi-disciplinary team. Based in Western Cape, their main objective is to provide substance abuse prevention and treatment services by applying and reinforcing healthy behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Their actions are divided into three levels. They are illustrated below:

Primary Prevention:
It is very crucial to take necessary actions to prevent unpleasant occurrences related to abuse. This positive and active prevention initiative primarily focuses on spreading awareness among people through various awareness programmes and development services. Their awareness programmes mainly focus on the devastating and shattering effects of abuse while emphasising on the necessity of a healthy and positive lifestyle. They also offer training and build capacity services to strengthen the prevention programmes through proper implementation under the observation of professional staff.

Secondary Prevention:
Secondary Prevention is an important initiative as it basically focuses on high risks groups like youth and abused women including persons abused in the workplace. The secondary prevention programmes include several educational initiatives and life skill training programmes to mitigate the effects of the abuses. Like other drug rehab centres in Cape Town, they are constantly working to fulfil their goals.

Tertiary Prevention:
This measurement is taken to guide those who have already faced abuse problems. These programmes include a comprehensive assessment service and proper assistance to out-patients and in-patients as well as people who faced abuses.  Like the drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town or in other cities, they are constantly working for the welfare of abused people.

They also organise various programmes to spread awareness among people. Their programmes include:

1. Prevention Programmes – Their prevention training programmes include:

  • POPPETS: – POPPETS (programme of Primary Prevention: Education through Stories) basically aims to spread awareness among pre-school kids through puppetry and storytelling programmes.
  • Youth Programme: – The prime objective of Youth Programme is to spread awareness among youth so that a drug-free environment can be created.
  • FASD Programme: FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Programme generally aims to spread awareness among pregnant women against excessive alcohol use and its effects on the foetus.

2. Out-Patient Programme: SANCA’s Out-Patient Programme basically targets to spread awareness among the teenagers against the abuse-related alcohol, dagga, Methamphetamine(Tik) and Heroine.

3. Corporate Services: Their Corporate Services basically aims to spread awareness among employees who are subjected to face abuses in their workplace.

To know more about their services and programmes please visit their website

SANCA WESTERN CAPE based in Cape Town is a leading service provider in the field of abuse prevention and treatment. They organise various awareness programmes to spread awareness among school kids, pregnant women, youths, employees and encourages them to live a healthy and positive life.

18 Karoo Street, Bellville, Western Cape
7530, South Africa
Tel: (021) 945 4080

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