Optima International: A holistic experience for you

Logistics, delivery, export and import are some aspects of life that can make a huge difference in the make and break of a business or the whole nation for that matter. Large cargos, freights and shipments are exported and imported all over the world daily.

Optima International is one such company that can be termed as a one-stop solution for all freight management requirements altogether. They have become a leading international freight forwarder that is based in the fast-evolving nation, South Africa. There are various logistics companies in Cape Town which assist clients with various forwarding services which are compartmentalised and not wholesome. This is a family-run company that seeks to cater with quality and attention to every requirement of their clients, whether big or small. They offer tailor-made services that suit every personalised query.

The varied palettes of services include:

  • Sea, air and road freight forwarding
  • Local and international customs clearing
  • Good customs relations with expert advice and guidance on tariff headings, import/export permits, ITAC requirements
  • Strong African presence with direct access to market opportunities
  • Forex, insurance and legal partnering along with quality procurement and product sourcing partnerships.
  • Worldwide partnership options and cross trade business opportunities.
  • Personalised and full circle of services to meet all individualistic requirements
  • Competitive costs and charges for all services from one point only.
  • Warehousing, delivery and distribution of cargo, be it local or international.

What makes them the right partner among other competitions is their dedication to serving all kinds of purposes dictated by the customer. They also provide staff training, indent monitoring, procurement, and last but not the least, in-house outsourced freight control; custom system designing that allows flexible and personalised implementation. In-house conceptualisation incurs no extra charge for the customer.

Optima International allows all facilities that can ease up the clients’ tension regarding their shipments, air/road freight or cargos with tracking facilities by maintaining transparency. Customers can check arrival/departure times, delivery times, status, container numbers, quantity, due amount to the supplier, export/import reports and many more.

For a fully holistic experience and freedom of dictating service requirements, this company has proved to be superior to other traditional freight management agents.

To know more about the services, please log on to http://www.optimainternational.co.za

About the company

With their headquarters in South Africa, Optima International is a principal company offering full freight management services to their customers. Owned by David and Mandy Longo, the company aims to be attentive and thorough about every minute details and queries of their clients to provide personalized assistance to every individual.

Contact Info:
26 Frere Avenue, Flamingo Vlei
7441, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 5578080
Fax: 086 551 7968

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