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Debt Therapy: Expert Solutions for your Financial Predicament

Debt Therapy, a leading debt counselling company in South Africa, is registered with the National Credit Regulator – they are committed to handling your financial disputes with the utmost of care, helping you to attain financial freedom. Their competent solutions willinsulate you from credit providers and debt collectors, allowing you to manage your debts efficiently.Conveniently for you, Debt Therapy has affiliations with multiple credit providers, which enables themtomake negotiations on behalf of their clients. Consequently, they can lower the rates of interests, helping you manage your debts efficiently.

If your financial status is perplexing you, it’s time to seek expert help. Debt Therapy can shoulder your financial burdens, providing for assistance to come out of your financial impasse. Small or hefty, many of us are scuffling with debt issues. Do not put off your debt issues as minor complications; negligence can make your problems escalate into severe financial burdens. Debt Therapy is a non-profit counselling agency consisting of a team of expert professionals who treat every client as unique individuals, catering to their respective requirements, in a most capable and effective manner.

  • Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling is a competent solution that helps you manage your debts efficiently. Debt counselling services devise expert solutions to manage your debts strategically, allowing you to spare an adequate amount to pay off your immediate expenses. The counsellors evaluate all your credentials and relevant documents such as figures of your loans, bonds, H.P. agreements, credit cards, etc. to strategise how to adjustwith the policies of the credit providers.

  • Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation involves refinancing of debts; the process of debt consolidation utilisesone loan to remit all your other loans. Debt Therapy’s team of counsellors will assist you in figuring out how to treat your financial concerns with debt consolidation loans.

If you want to access their services, all you need to do is open the official website of Debt Therapy and fill out the online application to fix an appointment.You can riffle through their website to read about their deals, and insight into their services.

For more information about Debt Therapy, visit their official website

  • About Debt Therapy

Debt Therapy is a renowned debt counselling agency that enables you to devise a budget that allows you to pay off your debts without further inconvenience. They are a team of professional debt counsellors with valuable experience. They will analyse your financial concerns to recommend strategies that cover your individual requirements.

Unit 9, 1st Floor, Time Business Park
37 Blaauwberg Road, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Phone: 086-11-11-863

Castaway Components: Helping your daily chores

In our fast moving life we do not have time for minute things that are actually the building blocks of our existence. We only realise their importance when they are lost, damaged or unavailable in urgent situations. Castaway Components is one such company that has dedicated its efforts, innovations, planning and experience to take care of such complexities that we are highly likely to face in our lifetime.

Due to their quality of products and other services they have a competitive edge over other zinc die casting companies and manufacturers. Their range of products covers fashion, hardware and promotional industries that are the basic building blocks of these industries. The following are the various kinds of products that they specialise in:

  • Clothing section- This section includes clothing buckles, brooches, toggles, pullers, dog tags, d-rings, o-rings, clothing trims and buttons.
  • Shoes- They make rivets, shoe buckles and shoe trims too.
  • Furniture, hardware and door fittings- Name plates, escutcheons/keyholes, hinges, knobs, drop handles, pull handles, lever handles, sliding and cramone boltsare among their expertise.
  • Promotional works- Here they strive to produce classy products like name plates, wine glass charms, medals, bottle stops, badges, promotional buckles, golf tools, bottle openers and key rings.
  • Light fixtures and castings- They also make chandeliers and cater to making medical fittings, shop fittings and pet accessories.

Among this vast array of products some can be stated as essentials of both human livelihood and the company as well. Shoes have always been the ultimate game changer in the fashion industry and who does not want to own a good-looking pair. These shoes have two important components that enhance the overall finesse i.e., shoe buckles and rivets of various shapes and sizes. The company uses advanced technology to produce high quality, custom buckles and rivets to cater the fashion lovers. Not only shoe but belt buckles are one of the best works of the company and are offered in a wide variety for people of choose from. These custom-made buckles come in various shapes and sizes, for example, square, oval, round and interlocking.

Customers are catered with a huge platter of personalised key rings and bottle openers that also draw attention and can act as a style statement. Whether it is educational institutes or any other industries that need to present prizes or medals, they can choose from a vast array of personalised and custom medals that will make a mark.

To know more about the specialisations and services of the company, access

About the Company
Operational in theWestern Cape, Castaway Components is a leading company that specialises in zinc spin casting and pressure die casting while supplying superior products to allof South Africa.

38A Silverstone Road, Killarney Gardens
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel no.:  021-555-1022

NOTICE TO Filipino Overseas Voters in New South Wales

The Philippine Consulate General in Sydney encourages registered Filipino Overseas Voters in New South Wales who have received their ballots packets from COMELEC-Manila for the 2016 Philippine National Elections to send their accomplished ballots to the Consulate as soon as possible.


The accomplished ballots may be submitted to the Consulate daily, including on weekends and holidays, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM on 9 April-8 May 2016, and from 9:00AM to 7:00PM on 9 May 2016.


For Filipino Overseas Voters who have not yet received their ballots, please check whether your name is in the following lists on the Consulate website, <>:


•      Returned-To-Sender (RTS) ballots; and

•      List of voters with incomplete or no mailing address.


If your name is on either of the above lists, please contact the Consulate and look for Mr. Jessie Llaneta at Tel. No. 926207377, or send your complete details, e.g., mobile number and mailing address, to, or contact the Duty Officer at mobile number 0415-426400.


Thank you.


Philippine Consulate General, Sydney

20 April 2016