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A Flawed Election. An Insulted Electorate. A New Julius Caesar.

The Philippines’ history of flawed elections, from the 1985 Marcos-Cory Snap Elections to the 2004 Hello Garci Scandal, has scarred the psyche of Filipinos that we virtually have little to no trust in the electoral process. These fears are now being stoked by the number of irregularities in the recent midterms.However, the opposition is misplaying its hand. The more the opposition questions the legitimacy of the elections, and the more they insult the intelligence of the electorate, the more they alienate the voters.In stark contrast, Duterte listens to the vox populi. And this is why the vox populi lended their ears and bequeathed to him the tyrannical role of Julius Caesar – who also was hated by the elites, but loved by the people.

An Opinion Piece by José Victor “Jayvee” Salameña

Duterte as he votes in the May 2019 Midterm Elections

Julius Caesar – hated by the elites, loved by the people

“To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.” So goes the English language idiom, and it is quite appropriate for the many various technical flaws that now cast a palling shadow to the 2019 Philippine midterm elections.

               The Philippines’ history of flawed elections, from the 1985 Marcos-Cory Snap Elections to the 2004 Hello Garci Scandal, has scarred the psyche of Filipinos that we virtually have little to no trust in the electoral process. These fears are now being stoked by the number of irregularities in the recent midterms. Neri Colmenares refuses to concede because of the “rotten” elections that placed him a far cry from the “Magic 12”. Bam Aquino, the only Otso Diretso candidate who had a mathematical chance of being part of the “Magic 12”, asked his supporters to “pray for me”. Rallies and protests have already taken place to protest the various irregularities.

               However, the opposition is misplaying its hand. A deeper analysis of the mood of the general electorate shows that there is substantial support for the President among the general electorate across the Philippines. This is shown by the many various surveys done by different polling firms and reported by the Philippine media (many of whom are vehemently against this Administration) that the approval ratings of Duterte have remained high, despite the many various scandals, offensive jokes and the very stupid and laughable threat to declare war against Canada over the issue of trash. If there was fraud, even the cleanest elections would still have yielded a majority in the Senate, and a reduced minority.

               But now many who were displeased with the results of the elections have started to insult the electorate. Many decry that a well-qualified public servant like Mar Roxas garnered less votes than Bong Revilla Jr., who was disciplined for corruption and graft in the past, and who seemingly only won because he danced the “Bodotz” well enough.

The voters have already voiced their anger at the opposition by rebuking most, if not all, of their candidates, and reducing them to a shriveled minority in the House and the Senate. The opposition should listen to the general mood. But the more the opposition questions the legitimacy of the elections, and the more they insult the intelligence of the electorate, the more they alienate the voters.

In stark contrast, Duterte listens to the vox populi. And this is why the vox populi lended their ears and bequeathed to him the tyrannical role of Julius Caesar – who also was hated by the elites, but loved by the people.

GetSavvi Health – Your Destination for Affordable Medical Cover

GetSavvi Health (Pty) Ltd. was created with a belief that quality and affordable healthcare should be available to every South African. The company aims to establish its name as a leader in the primary healthcare sector. The company has always strived to offer aid to individuals who are forced to rely on state medical institutions as the traditional medical instruments are beyond their reach.

To bridge this gap, the company tries to provide its members complete access to a vast network of service providers, creating an affordable medical environment.

Health Plans offered by GetSavvi:

1. Primary Care Plan – GetSavvi Health offers a primary care plan that covers the day-to-day medical expenses of a person. The plan is not limited to individual members and can be expanded to encompass family members too. The Primary Care Plan covers doctor’s visits, dentist visits, X-rays and blood tests, medication expenses and much more. One can avail the plan at a cost of R560 per month for a family or for R340 per month for an individual.

2. Primary Care Plan + – The beneficiaries of the Primary Care Plan + receive all the benefits of the Primary Care Plan with added hospital cover benefits. Priced at R750 per month for families and R460 per month for individuals, the plan offers emergency casualty, emergency stabilisation and personal accident benefits. Along with the day-to-day consultation charges, the plan also covers blood tests, X-rays, dentistry – basic and emergency, acute and chronic medication, and offers many other benefits.

3. Get Care Plan – The Get Care Plan is primarily a hospital care plan that covers the hospital costs of an individual or a family during an emergency. The plan offers cover for both in-patient and out-patient programs, while also covering accidental treatment costs. The plan is very affordable at R250 per month per family and covers even minute costs like first-aid.

Other Services offered by GetSavvi Health:

  • All medical plans offered by GetSavvi Health include funeral cover and benefits in case of accidental deaths.
  • The Netcare 911 emergency hotline is a GetSavvi operated emergency helpline that is active round the clock. Managed by a team of professionals, the helpline is effective in judging the situation and immediately dispatching the required air or road service.
  • GetSavvi Health serves as the ultimate healthcare destination by providing telephonic access to health advice. You can call their team of health advisors to discus any health issue including poisoning, drug information, trauma counselling, stress management, emergency medical guidance etc.

To know more about the plans offered by GetSavvi Health, please visit their website

About the Company:
GetSavvi Health (Pty) Ltd. is a leading name in the healthcare sector in South Africa, offering affordable and reliable medical aid to the residents, especially to the ones who rely on state medical institutions. The company is BEE compliant.

Tygervalley Chambers 5, 27 Willie van Schoor Ave
Tygervalley, Bellville, 7530, South Africa
Tel: 0861 18 92 02

SANCA WESTERN CAPE: Leading Service Provider in the Field of Abuse Prevention & Treatment

SANCA WESTERN CAPE is the leading service provider in the field of abuse, prevention and treatment. They are well-known for providing specialised services like abuse prevention, out-patient treatment, capacity building and training and related corporate services by a multi-disciplinary team. Based in Western Cape, their main objective is to provide substance abuse prevention and treatment services by applying and reinforcing healthy behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Their actions are divided into three levels. They are illustrated below:

Primary Prevention:
It is very crucial to take necessary actions to prevent unpleasant occurrences related to abuse. This positive and active prevention initiative primarily focuses on spreading awareness among people through various awareness programmes and development services. Their awareness programmes mainly focus on the devastating and shattering effects of abuse while emphasising on the necessity of a healthy and positive lifestyle. They also offer training and build capacity services to strengthen the prevention programmes through proper implementation under the observation of professional staff.

Secondary Prevention:
Secondary Prevention is an important initiative as it basically focuses on high risks groups like youth and abused women including persons abused in the workplace. The secondary prevention programmes include several educational initiatives and life skill training programmes to mitigate the effects of the abuses. Like other drug rehab centres in Cape Town, they are constantly working to fulfil their goals.

Tertiary Prevention:
This measurement is taken to guide those who have already faced abuse problems. These programmes include a comprehensive assessment service and proper assistance to out-patients and in-patients as well as people who faced abuses.  Like the drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town or in other cities, they are constantly working for the welfare of abused people.

They also organise various programmes to spread awareness among people. Their programmes include:

1. Prevention Programmes – Their prevention training programmes include:

  • POPPETS: – POPPETS (programme of Primary Prevention: Education through Stories) basically aims to spread awareness among pre-school kids through puppetry and storytelling programmes.
  • Youth Programme: – The prime objective of Youth Programme is to spread awareness among youth so that a drug-free environment can be created.
  • FASD Programme: FASD or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Programme generally aims to spread awareness among pregnant women against excessive alcohol use and its effects on the foetus.

2. Out-Patient Programme: SANCA’s Out-Patient Programme basically targets to spread awareness among the teenagers against the abuse-related alcohol, dagga, Methamphetamine(Tik) and Heroine.

3. Corporate Services: Their Corporate Services basically aims to spread awareness among employees who are subjected to face abuses in their workplace.

To know more about their services and programmes please visit their website

SANCA WESTERN CAPE based in Cape Town is a leading service provider in the field of abuse prevention and treatment. They organise various awareness programmes to spread awareness among school kids, pregnant women, youths, employees and encourages them to live a healthy and positive life.

18 Karoo Street, Bellville, Western Cape
7530, South Africa
Tel: (021) 945 4080

GetSavvi Health: A Friend Indeed

Accidents, injuries, ailments or deterioration of health, none of these can be foreseen. Every family knows how it feels when an emergency arises regarding health issues. But sometimes the expenses become hefty and burden us with lifetime loans from the bank for these cases. Health insurance company, GetSavvi Health has made it their purpose to provide quality services at an affordable rate to the citizens of South Africa.

GetSavvi Health has sectioned their services into three types of plans. They are as follows:

  • Primary Care Plan: This plan provides several services including unlimited doctors’ visits, basic and emergency dentistry, black-and-white X-rays, HIV and STI tests and acute and chronic medications. They provide professional and experienced advisors regarding medical advice in an emergency, assessing everyday symptoms, crucial medical knowledge, the database of various drugs, poisoning database, health guidance, managing stress, counselling of trauma, etc. The NetCare 911 Emergency services are available 24/7 where skilled technicians assess the clients’ emergency and dispatch air or road support immediately, whichever is appropriate. They also support families with funeral costs and the customer hotline is always ready for assisting HIV, trauma and assault counselling.
  • Primary Care Plan+ :This plan includes benefits like unlimited physician visits and consultations, basic and emergency dentistry, x-rays, blood tests, chronic and acute medication and many more services already included in the Primary Care Plan. The plus benefit added to this plan is the Hospital plan. The casualty benefit here allows out-patient hospital treatment in an emergency for injuries sustained in accident. In-patients get hospital treatment in an emergency for stabilisation in a private or public emergency unit. They also provide personal accident benefits.

Get Care Plan: This plan can be seen as the summation of both the Primary Care and Primary care plus aiming to serve the clients with better hospital facilities and lowered costs.

To know more about the company and its services, please visit:

 About the Company
GetSavvi Health is a leading South Africa based health insurance provider aiming, with various propitious plans, to reduce the burden incurred from medical expenses on an average South African or the state institutions and create an affordable and efficient medical environment.

27 Willie van Schoor Ave, Tygervalley,
Bellville, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Tel: 0861 18 9202

Optima International: A holistic experience for you

Logistics, delivery, export and import are some aspects of life that can make a huge difference in the make and break of a business or the whole nation for that matter. Large cargos, freights and shipments are exported and imported all over the world daily.

Optima International is one such company that can be termed as a one-stop solution for all freight management requirements altogether. They have become a leading international freight forwarder that is based in the fast-evolving nation, South Africa. There are various logistics companies in Cape Town which assist clients with various forwarding services which are compartmentalised and not wholesome. This is a family-run company that seeks to cater with quality and attention to every requirement of their clients, whether big or small. They offer tailor-made services that suit every personalised query.

The varied palettes of services include:

  • Sea, air and road freight forwarding
  • Local and international customs clearing
  • Good customs relations with expert advice and guidance on tariff headings, import/export permits, ITAC requirements
  • Strong African presence with direct access to market opportunities
  • Forex, insurance and legal partnering along with quality procurement and product sourcing partnerships.
  • Worldwide partnership options and cross trade business opportunities.
  • Personalised and full circle of services to meet all individualistic requirements
  • Competitive costs and charges for all services from one point only.
  • Warehousing, delivery and distribution of cargo, be it local or international.

What makes them the right partner among other competitions is their dedication to serving all kinds of purposes dictated by the customer. They also provide staff training, indent monitoring, procurement, and last but not the least, in-house outsourced freight control; custom system designing that allows flexible and personalised implementation. In-house conceptualisation incurs no extra charge for the customer.

Optima International allows all facilities that can ease up the clients’ tension regarding their shipments, air/road freight or cargos with tracking facilities by maintaining transparency. Customers can check arrival/departure times, delivery times, status, container numbers, quantity, due amount to the supplier, export/import reports and many more.

For a fully holistic experience and freedom of dictating service requirements, this company has proved to be superior to other traditional freight management agents.

To know more about the services, please log on to

About the company

With their headquarters in South Africa, Optima International is a principal company offering full freight management services to their customers. Owned by David and Mandy Longo, the company aims to be attentive and thorough about every minute details and queries of their clients to provide personalized assistance to every individual.

Contact Info:
26 Frere Avenue, Flamingo Vlei
7441, South Africa

Tel: +27 21 5578080
Fax: 086 551 7968

ToolTech: A Leading Centre for Expert Toolmaking Services

Based in Cape Town, ToolTech is a leading brand in South Africa that offers a variety of services, from product designing, toolmaking to logistics. They are supported by highly skilled in-house staff members that strive to cater to the individual needs of their clients. As a one-stop centre, this leading company accommodates six different divisions which include metal component production, toolmaking and engineering, plastic injection moulding, all chair components, PU moulded foam and all buckets and containers.

Toolmaking and Engineering: ToolTech has earned a good reputation for their toolmaking and engineering services. They have a fully equipped CNC Toolroom that serve a variety of functions, from plastic injection moulds, PU foam moulds to press tooling. What’s more, their highly efficient in-house specialists supervise the manufacturing process from the design stage to the mould manufacture.

Plastic Injection Moulding: ToolTech specialises in an array of high-quality injection moulding machines that range from 35T to 1000T, ensuring an impeccable finish. As a certified BEE (Black Economic Empowerment Program) and an ISO9001-2000 licensed plant, ToolTech’s injection moulding plant is widely recognised as a leading name in the field of engineering and plastic component manufacturing.

All Chair Components: This division of ToolTech offers a wide range of chair components, castors, bases, gas-lifts, mechanisms, armrests and hardware are only to name a few. Apart from these components, they specialise in armchairs, side chairs frames, hospitality frames, tub chair and frames as well as backrests, brackets and seat kits that are available in both netting and foam. For customised seating arrangements, customers can rely on their in-house professionals who strive to design and manufacture chairs based on their client’s requirements.

PU Moulded Foam:
ToolTech is equipped with a Polyurethane moulding plant that offers highly specialised integral skin moulding. As a leading name in the field of PU moulding, they deliver services to offices, hospitality, baby products as well as customised demands.

All Buckets and Containers: ToolTech’s buckets and containers division specialises in a wide range of high-quality tubs and buckets that can be availed at competitive rates in various vibrant shades. Since they are an I.S.O 9001:2000 and BEE certified company, all their buckets and containers are chemical-resistant as well as pest and hygiene controlled.

For more information, visit their official website at

About ToolTech
ToolTech is an I.S.O 9001:2000 regulated and BEE certified company that specialises in a wide range of services, such as product designing, toolmaking and plastic injection moulding. With six major divisions which include metal component production, toolmaking and engineering, plastic injection moulding, all chair components, PU moulded foam and all buckets and containers, ToolTech ranks among the leading names in the industry in South Africa.

Unit 2 & 3 Linton Road, Beaconvale, Parow
7500, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: (+27 21) 9332076
Fax: (+27 21) 933 4155

Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics: Curing Lives

It is a very common saying that “we are only human”. What do we mean by that? We are prone to all kinds of moral misdoings, misgivings, physical injuries, diseases, accidents and life-long sorrow. There is a company working hard to uplift the physical condition of an individual, helping them after a difficult phase due to injuries, diseases or accidents and directing them to an exercise-driven healthy life.

Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics focuses on using exercise to deal with injuries, diseases and problems arising from ACL repair, Labrum repair, ankle replacement, diabetes, Cardio Vascular diseases, Hypertension, Parkinson’s diseases, strokes and physical impairment.

Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics provide their clients with numerous services like:

  1. Client assessment: They take reports, details and assess the history of the client’s injury or disease to provide precise services to them.
  2. 30 or 60 minutes rehab session: After the assessment, specific sessions are provided to the client. The exercises may vary from person to person.
  3. Running Biomechanics: The result obtained from the non-running FMS test is further used in the running part with video analysis and a RAST test to gather information about the clients’ anaerobic condition.
  4. Functional Movement Screen (FMS) assessment: Many athletes suffer from hidden injuries and impairments. This screening test determines if the athlete is ready to return to the sports arena.
  5. Strength and conditioning programs: Test protocols are designed as per the data from the assessment phase, to provide individualised and periodically reviewed strength training to the clients.
  6. Injury Rehabilitation: Up-to-date and latest techniques are employed at Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics to cure the client’s injuries.
  7. Cricket conditioning: Resistance training for tenure of 6 weeks is provided to cricketers to improve their stability, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance.
  8. 45 minutes sports massage: Through PNF stretching and foam roller work they focus on relieving muscle tensions and improving range of motion.
  9. Recovery session: After a long week, all we are left with is fatigue. This 45 to 60 minutes long class relieves the tired body by using foam rolling, static stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching and various cardio vascular exercises.

To know more about the company or its services, visit their website:

About the company:
Valadao & Fourie Biokinetics is a South African rehabilitation centre using exercise and physiotherapy as their treatment process. Their treatment focuses on an array of injuries and diseases like reconstructive/corrective surgeries, lifestyle diseases, neurological diseases and help physically impaired clients as well as healthy clients to improve everyday living and sports performance.

23 Bell Cres, Westlake Business Park
7945, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 072 600 8218