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Products and Achievements of Banks R &L Hiring

Banks R &L Hiring is a renowned name in the industry that provides event equipment and décor accessories for hire. Banks R & L Hiring operate from modern premises located in Paarden Eiland in Cape Town. The company is well-equipped to provide strategic support and supply structures for events and functions across the wide spectrum of the equipment hiring industry. This has been achieved on account of the company’s complete dedication towards quality and customer satisfaction. The staff of the company are highly professional and some of them boast of having experiences of over 35 years.

Categories of products and services offered by the Banks R & L Hiring
The sales consultants of the company are proficient and experienced enough to advise and offer the best services to the clients. With their unique and elegant products, the blank canvas of any room can turn into a spectacular sight. Its exclusive collection of equipment incorporates thematic and modern pieces into events.

The following product catalogue of the company highlights the extensive range of equipment that can be hired for other social events like wedding parties or corporate events.

  1. Décor accessories which include the following:
  • Board and easel
  • 3 tier Candelabra black
  • Carpet runner
  • Carpet coir
  • Dance floor
  • Freestanding screen
  • Lectern
  • Industrial fan
  • Gazebo walls
  • Picket fence
  • String of lights
  1. Glassware
  2. Furniture
  3. Cutlery and crockery
  4. Gas and electrical
  5. Serving gear
  6. Marquees
  7. Stainless steel
  8. Wood and basket ware
  9. Ovenware
  10. Plinth and plinth bills
  11. Bowl and platter service

For more information, refer to the company’s website at

About the Company
Banks R & L Hiring is one of the most renowned event equipment hiring companies in Cape Town, with more than 75 years of experience. It was formed by the merger of Hiring Supply Banks and R & L Hiring. Hiring Supply Banks had been a household name in the industry for over 75 years whereas R & L, formed in 1990, had succeeded in garnering a significant niche market through the quality of its service and level of its commitment towards customer satisfaction. This merger brought rationalisation of both marquees and hiring stock items as well as fostered a sense of commitment to quality, service and efficiency. The cumulative, diverse and complementary skills of the two individual companies brought about the best results in terms of customer loyalty and a customer base growth.

Contact Us:
31 Section Street
Paarden Eiland 7405

(021) 510 – 7011
(021) 510 – 7061

Atlantic Accounting and Taxation services: The Solution for Tax and Accounting Issues

Atlantic Accounting and Taxation Services have become a very popular name among the companies which provide reliable accounting and tax services to Ltd’s and Close Corporations. Based upon their years of experience in accounting and taxation services, this company caters from small to medium sized corporate organisations as well as larger corporate clients which have turnovers close to R100 million. The company is amember of SAIPA (The South African Institute of Professional Accounts) and as a tax practitioner with SARS shows its trustworthiness.

They also offer “one stop shopping” for their clients and cater to many diverse service areas and their numerous client testimonials show evidence of their exceptional level of service.They have succeeded to achieve the ultimate client satisfaction.

Listed below are their Services Offered:

1. Accounting

2. Taxation

3.Other services

The three services have been briefly explained below:

1. Accounting

As they are registered with SAIPA as a Practising professional accountant they can perform responsibilities  like Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements for (Pty) Ltd’s, Close Corporations and Trusts,  Registration as the Independent Accounting Professional to (Pty) Ltd’s,Registration as the Accounting Officer to Close Corporations, and Registration as the Independent Accounting Professional to Trusts.

They also can offer bookkeeping and accounting functions,Detailed VAT reporting function including submission of the VAT201 return,Monthly management reporting to the client and recommendations,Payroll preparation and monthly PAYE return,Preparation of the books of account and Annual Financial Statements for the Sole Trader.

2. Taxation

As a registered tax practitioner, they provide solutions to all tax matters relating to Corporates, Trusts, and Individuals. They also offer services like Tax strategy, planning and advice,Tax incentives and allowances for SME’s,Tax matters and advice relating to Trusts, Individual tax returns, VAT and PAYE returns, Capital Gains Tax, Dividend Tax, Tax Compromise Applications, salary packages and tax optimisation.

3. Other Services

Their other services include registration of New (Pty) Ltd.’s, VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL, WCA,BEEE certification for EME’s,Import and export licence application assistance,Tax Clearance Certificates,statutory return,Corporate and Trust secretarial services, Business Valuations, Due Diligence Testing, WCA and Department of Labour returns.

They also offer live discussion or consulting over phones. All queries of the clients will be answered within 24 hours. Clients can also send their queries via email.

For more information, visit the company website:

About The Company 
Atlantic Accounting and Taxation Services is a Cape Town based company that provides tax and accounting services since 1995. It ensures worthy and reliableaccounting and taxation servicesto small to medium sized corporate organisations.


181 Blaauwberg Rd, Table View
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 556 1641